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Prompt 9: Awkward.
kknox0009 wrote in jctc_summer2014
I remember being at cheerleading practice when our coach decided to let us go home early. I didn’t plan on going straight home but I decided that I was super tired and had a lot of homework. I pulled into our driveway and hit the garage door opener like every other day. However, that day I could not have imagined a worse situation to walk into. I entered our home and everything seemed normal as usual. I sat my backpack on the kitchen table and grabbed a snack from the pantry. After a few minutes I heard some really odd noises coming from upstairs. I had no idea what I was going to find. My heart started racing and I was scared to death. I grabbed my brother’s baseball bat and slowly walked up the steps. I opened my parent’s door since the noises were coming from that direction. To my shock I walked in on my sister sleeping with her boyfriend in my parent’s bed. I immediately ran downstairs and began to freak out. My sister followed me and begged me not to tell our parents. To this day, I am haunted by the thought. It was the most awkward moment of my life.

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Wow. Yes, that would be beyond awkward! I assume you never ratted her out? That would be totally lame if you did. :-)

That seems like every sibling's worst nightmare! I liked the detail you used to describe the situation!

Grody! Haha why would they want to have sex in your parent's bed?! That would gross me out. But, I've gotta say, at least you didn't walk in on your parents! I would think that would be worse.

That is in fact very awkward. As you grabbed your baseball bat i imagined a theif collecting gems from a family jewelry box. Its always scary to hear unexpected noises in your home.

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Yes that is a very awkward situation. I had something like that happen to me when I was 16 and came home early from a babysitting job, except it was my parents. I could not look my step-dad in the eye for weeks. My mother of course just acted as if nothing happened at all. Your accounts of the story were well laid out.

Yeesh, no fun to walk in on! Highly believable.

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