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Prompt 7: Bark Bark!
kknox0009 wrote in jctc_summer2014
I have four legs, I am furry and cute, and the only job I have is to steal your heart. I constantly want attention from humans and I love to run around. I enjoy jumping on humans and sometimes I knock them down. Every time I see a cat I feel the need to chase it around until it jumps on a table or runs outside! Sometimes my humans become angry and I am not sure why. I also do not realize how big of a dog I am. I tend to play rough with other dogs that are smaller than me and sometimes they run away and become scared. This hurts my feelings because the only thing I want to do is play. I also jump up on the dinner table and try to steal human food when no one is watching. If they can eat it, why can't I? It does not seem fair. At the end of the day I enjoy snuggling up next to my humans and letting them rub my head and scratch behind my ears. What am I? As you probably already know, I am a dog. I am a Giant Schnauzer puppy to be more specific! I have to go now! My human is trying to do homework and I have to get her attention!

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Super cute. Dogs don't have a voice but they sure do know how to communicate! I often wonder what my dog is thinking, especially when she gives the head tilt. Cute idea and nice job.

This was a really cute piece. I could definitely imagine a dog saying all the things you wrote. It was very entertaining and made me want to keep reading! Good job!

I love this!!! This is exactly how a dog would describe himself! I love the ending where he says that he needs to get his humans attention. It always seems that our dogs don't want to play with us until we are getting busy with something else! lol
Great job!

Fun piece. Like with Mary Kate I kind of wish you had let the actions of the piece tell us what we were hearing from instead of outright telling us.

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