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Prompt 5: I would prefer..
kknox0009 wrote in jctc_summer2014
1. I would love to go to the mall but I have already have plans.
2. I would prefer to go see a different movie.
3. I will try to come for awhile but I have a lot to finish up at work.
4. I’m not a big fan of dancing.
5. I already have a date.
6. I can’t swim. Sorry.
7. My car is in the shop so I don’t have a source of transportation.
8. I don’t think I will have enough time to pick it up for you.
9. I am tired today but thanks for the offer.
10. I wish I could but I am not feeling well.

I would prefer to go see a different movie because I am afraid of horror films. I love comedies if you are interested. I know you love reese cups but I prefer m&ms so we can share.

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I'm not quite sure what is happening in your paragraph although you have at least piqued my interest. Very specific no options, good.

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