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Prompt 4: The Real Cinderella
kknox0009 wrote in jctc_summer2014
There once was a girl who lived alone with her father in their palace. Her father was a wonderful man who eventually married an evil woman; this woman also had two evil daughters. The story goes that this young girl grew up with a horrible stepmother and two grotesque step sisters that made her scrub the floors and never leave the house. However, that is the story that everyone knows. What the story book does not tell you is that the beautiful young girl’s stepmother and sisters were not evil at all. In fact, this beautiful girl with hair of gold and the name Cinderella was actually the villain in this story.

Cinderella was not a delightful young lady after her father passed away. She was manipulative and angry with her stepmother and sisters. She did not understand why her father would leave them anything at all. She had also heard that there was a grand ball coming to town and that a wonderful prince would be attending looking for his future bride. She quickly called on the town witch to help her with preparations. This witch agreed to give Cinderella an irresistible love potion that would last until midnight the eve of the ball. Cinderella also retained a magical carriage and of course, the famous glass slippers. Cinderella used the love potion and it worked perfectly. The prince fell head over heels in love with her and they danced the night away. She left her glass slipper outside while the prince was not looking. She knew that he would hunt for her obsessively, and he did. The whole plan worked out perfectly. The prince looked all over town until he found her and she was now the heir to the kingdom. Her stepmother and sisters would be left with nothing.

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Very rapid-fire telling but a nice take on the traditional Cinderella story. I wish there were more to read. Nice work.

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